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Edam Squid is self-funded record company like no other, based in Toronto, ON. Edam Squid is dedicated to teaching young artists how to grow and self-manage by mentoring and providing key networking advice and skills. They place value in fairness and protection of content, ensuring that artists aren't taken advantage of.
The most unsual thing about this company is the emphasis on trust, relationship building, and dedicated to sharing and exchanging information about the music business. This record company prompts its artists to pursue an independent career and business, giving artists freedom of expression, something that is not common with traditional labels.



eaoh Argos

(Currently involved with Edam Squid's mentorship and funding program)

eaoh Argos is an up-coming recording artist (recognized by Edam Squid) that advocates for societal awareness, self and interpersonal growth, environmental and mental health awareness, and freedom of expression. She encourages this through her deep metaphorical lyrics, and is a self taught composer and sound designer, music video creator, and visual artist, creatively producing all her work and inspired by a personal, ever-changing philosophy.
She strives to tell the world her stories and messages with a mixed indigenous (residential school residue) and suburban-lived perspective. She has a voice, creative freedom, and strive for activism, and is not afraid to use it. Trust me, you have never heard anything like this girl's music, and you'd be missing out on what music is capable of if you choose to pass by. 

eaoh Argos' Music can be found on all streaming platforms, with the exception of her VINYL album, 'VEIL' found on her website here:

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Q Music Inc. is a highly acclaimed music production company that provides original music for film, television, and multimedia. Led by composer Donald Quan, Q Music's composers work as a team to create expressive and imaginative scores which are specifically tailored to the project at hand. Q Music's production portfolio includes music for hundreds of feature films, television, and radio.

In addition to several feature scores, Q Music has worked with several artists over the years, including celtic acclaimed artist, Loreena Mckennitt.

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