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most people dream.
they fall asleep,
then wake back up.

and they seem to forget

that when they fall asleep
is when they are truly
because they dream.

welcome to the mind
who is always dreaming,
and turning his sleep
into his awake.

independent record label owner
home cook
podcast and livestream creator,

For Donald Quan,
written by
Claire Tillapaugh,

“Donald has been a member of my touring band for over 10 years and has assisted in the production of at least 2 of my albums. He is a fantastic musician and an inspired, dedicated producer whom anyone would be privileged to work with.” 

- Loreena McKennitt

"Donald is a talented, versatile musician with a very nice touch on whatever instrument he's playing”. 

- Jim McCarty (Yardbirds)

Donald Quan is well known in the composing community as someone who is both innovative and generous…. exploring the borders of world musics, and sharing his exciting discoveries through his Musideum series.” 

- Oscar Winning Film Composer, Mychael Danna

"Donald Quan blends the best of his two heritages - Canadian values, media literacy, and creativity along with Chinese hard work ethic and business acumen. In addition he is uniquely and immensely talented. It’s an unbeatable combination.”

- Professor Paul Hoffert CM LLD, Founder of Lighthouse

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Donald Quan is an award-winning film composer, producer, and chef, with a catalogue of over 3000 song cues registered with SOCAN. After dealing with extremities, he has nurtured himself back up to health and is now continuing his life on a new adventure as a self-funded, indie record label, 'Edam Squid' , which provides artists with fairness, learning of self-managing, and protection of content. In addition, he is now able to show the world his technical skills through the creation of his new podcast, 'The Living Art Studio', built from scratch by his ingenious mind, a year in the making.

Explore his thoughts as he creates music, personal food recipes, and talks with guests and up-and-coming artists who are determined to make a difference in the world. An incredible inventor and story lies behind this screen.